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Week 12 Pick Ups

November 25, 2009


 With Clinton Portis still iffy each week, and primary backup Ladell Betts now out for the season, Cartwright stands to move into the spotlight as the main ball carrier in Washington.  Without knowing how long Portis will be out (concussions can be hard to predict) it’s difficult to project long term value here.  As of right now if you own Portis, Cartwright is a must add, if not and you have extra room on the roster he might be worth a look each week.  An updated injury report is required each week as well as a peak at who the Redskins play.  One bonus though, Rock did catch 7 passes and gained 140 total yards last week in his fill in role against a solid Cowboys defense.  That kind of dual production should not be ignored, particularly in a PPR league.  Consider Cartwright a decent start against the Eagles this week if Portis is out and hope the Redskins can actually score a touchdown or two this week.



Bryant came back from his knee injury again in week 11 and posted moderate 3 catch 40 yard numbers in Tampa’s 38-7 loss against the Saints.  While not eye popping numbers, he was second on the team with 6 targets, and that number should only go up the more reps he and rookie Josh Freeman have together.  Bryant made my “sleepers” list this week and may be in line for some increased fantasy numbers down the stretch.  Play the matchups with Bryant as his numbers will depend on Freeman’s ability to effectively move the ball.  A fantasy team thin at WR should not be afraid to take a shot in week 12 with Bryant.



Kurt Warner was knocked hard on his head last week and is questionable as of Tuesday to play against the Titans this week.  While others are talking Lineart up as a respectable replacement this week, I’m taking a more cautious approach.  Tennessee’s pass defense has been improving of late and I find it hard to believe that Lineart will be able to consistently move the ball despite all his targets.  His numbers were ok in his second half relief role against the Rams (who almost came back), but he was clearly asked not to make mistakes and throw shorter safer passes.  If you have no other options and Warner does not start you may be forced to play Lineart but don’t expect much this week and hope Warner is able to come back soon.



In case you missed it, Finley returned in week 11 to the tune of 10 targets, 7 catches and 54 yards.  The Packers have been raving about what Finley brings to their offense and he has shown, when healthy, he’s capable of putting up some good numbers.  Aaron Rodgers has said he likes the matchup with Finley regardless of who is covering his TE and that gives him the confidence to throw to him in almost any situation.  Look for Finley to emerge as a top 10 fantasy TE the rest of the season.

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